A few years ago, we were thinking about the idea of creating an AI SEO tool, but we had limited resources. Now we have built something, the VUBox and it’s now producing some robust real-world results.

I am not going to write about our UJATCare AI coding and our IoT software and how this works.

But what I can tell you is that the VU Box is a microcomputer you connect to the UJATCare SEO AI using an ordinary internet cable plugged into your home or office cable box [plugin]. Or you can use one of our 5G wireless VuBox mobile networks [coming soon in version 2.0]. Once connected the UJATCare VuBox communicates with and is managed by our cloud-based AI whose only job requires it to learn and analyze everything about your website and the websites of local competitors.

The UJATCare VuBox collects only local SEO data and sends that information to the UJATCare AI. And the UJATCare SEO AI uses that data to makes decisions on how to help move your website ahead in important local search engine results. Those improvements are then made to your website or social media profile by our AI where possible and by you or an SEO specialist.

Everything else is a trade secret.

In this first installment, I am going to discuss results taken from the google analytics and webmaster accounts of a few UJATCare home healthcare business users and early adopters of our BETA VuBox 1.0.

It was in late July 2019 that we shipped out our first version of VuBox 1.0 to clients In the USA. Our VuBox 1.0 AI is currently set up to service businesses in the home healthcare niche. UJAT plans to expand VuBox 1.0 into other local business markets. Our current BETA early adopter user base are typically new businesses working for at least several months.

We faced some particular challenges with startups in the home healthcare niche, our client typically has poor website content, they are unsure of what keywords are needed and face established local competition in-home healthcare, particularly franchises. Most US cities  have a lot of home healthcare businesses, and each is trying to exist in both worlds, offline and online.

Our idea is to push boundaries with VuBox and boost our clients online presence.

I picked one UJATCare homecare business client (mobiletherapyservicesnepa.com) from our list of clients who purchased the VuBox plan (Mobile Therapy Service LLC). The results are in for the first month of using UJATCare’s SEO AI shows marked improvement, and dare I say the SEO results are excellent.

So what was achieved using our UJATCare AI SEO tool – the VuBox?

Increases in:

  • numbers of visitors and users,qsss
  • pageviews,
  • average time on page (time user spent on the website/specific page).
  • bounce rate
  Before / After Vu Box activation (First month of Vu Box usage)
Website Number of users Session time Page views Avr. time on page Bounce Rate
mobiletherapyservicesnepa.com 32


Collectively this indicates that there is increased traffic towards a website for a particular set of keywords.  But one thing to understand, results CAN NOT be the same for all websites, it’s not possible. Why? Because everything depends on several elemetns, like speed, performance, content, website structure and more…

After keyword analysis, our SEO AI tool has suggested some improvements regarding content.


Well, because if you want to be targeted for some keywords, you need to have it inside content. You can’t promote a website for keywords that don’t exist on a website.

This is normal thing, our Vu Box SEO tool is researching through website looking for a specific keywords and keyphrases. And if he finds out that keyword saturation is missing, he is switching to different SEO mode and he is doing the work, creating proper saturation.

If you notice some spikes in report that means that bots are hitting your website, collecting necessary information for their need, so this will happen’ from time to time.

So, below are results from our client (screenshots from Google Analytics directly):

mobiletherapyservicesnepa.com -  Dunmore, Pennsylvania

So UJATCare’s SEO AI VuBox delivered consistently improved SERP results and did it for a fraction of the cost [$20 a month] in a fraction of the time it improved organic search results for our client.

We shared our story about the success of our VuBox clients. Join me for more news about artificial intelligence in SEO and other digital marketing tips by subscribing to our UJATCare YouTube channel.

And hey, if you can afford a 1-year SEO contract at $20 a month, then order your VuBox here for your existing business. Don’t wait any longer, be part of our GROWING UJATCare Network.

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