$50 SELFIE CONTEST WINNER: Mykesha, Joann & Mystic

Get the opportunity to earn $50 Credit to your UJATCare Account.
You have to share Selfie or Groupie of yours, which is taken during the January-2020 Boot camp.
That’s it?? YES
$50 Selfie Contest Winner of 15th Jan-20 :
Joann Takacs from Phoenix Rising Home Care, LLC. Bala Cynwyd- Pennsylvania
Mystic Rosa from Wrapped in Care. Santa Clarita-California
Mykesha Blair from Loving Our Valorous Elderly. West Hollywood-California

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$50 SELFIE CONTEST WINNER: Lakeisha & Shirley Creighton from The Right Care For You

Get the opportunity to earn $50 Credit to your UJATCare Account.
You have to share Selfie or Groupie of yours, which is taken during the January-2020 Boot camp.
That’s it?? YES
Selfie Contest Winner: Lakeisha & Shirley Creighton from The Right Care For You (Pennsylvania) while Taking the Lunch at the Bootcamp.

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VuBox first success story

A few years ago, we were thinking about the idea of creating an AI SEO tool, but we had limited resources. Now we have built something, the VUBox and it’s now producing some robust real-world results.

I am not going to write about our UJATCare AI coding and our IoT software and how this works.

But what I can tell you is that the VU Box is a microcomputer you connect to the UJATCare SEO AI using an ordinary internet cable plugged into your home or office cable box [plugin]. Or you can use one of our 5G wireless VuBox mobile networks [coming soon in version 2.0]. Once connected the UJATCare VuBox communicates with and is managed by our cloud-based AI whose only job requires it to learn and analyze everything about your website and the websites of local competitors.

The UJATCare VuBox collects only local SEO data and sends that information to the UJATCare AI. And the UJATCare SEO AI uses that data to makes decisions on how to help move your website ahead in important local search engine results. Those improvements are then made to your website or social media profile by our AI where possible and by you or an SEO specialist.

Everything else is a trade secret.

In this first installment, I am going to discuss results taken from the google analytics and webmaster accounts of a few UJATCare home healthcare business users and early adopters of our BETA VuBox 1.0.

It was in late July 2019 that we shipped out our first version of VuBox 1.0 to clients In the USA. Our VuBox 1.0 AI is currently set up to service businesses in the home healthcare niche. UJAT plans to expand VuBox 1.0 into other local business markets. Our current BETA early adopter user base are typically new businesses working for at least several months.

We faced some particular challenges with startups in the home healthcare niche, our client typically has poor website content, they are unsure of what keywords are needed and face established local competition in-home healthcare, particularly franchises. Most US cities  have a lot of home healthcare businesses, and each is trying to exist in both worlds, offline and online.

Our idea is to push boundaries with VuBox and boost our clients online presence.

I picked one UJATCare homecare business client (mobiletherapyservicesnepa.com) from our list of clients who purchased the VuBox plan (Mobile Therapy Service LLC). The results are in for the first month of using UJATCare’s SEO AI shows marked improvement, and dare I say the SEO results are excellent.

So what was achieved using our UJATCare AI SEO tool – the VuBox?

Increases in:

  • numbers of visitors and users,qsss
  • pageviews,
  • average time on page (time user spent on the website/specific page).
  • bounce rate
  Before / After Vu Box activation (First month of Vu Box usage)
Website Number of users Session time Page views Avr. time on page Bounce Rate
mobiletherapyservicesnepa.com 32


Collectively this indicates that there is increased traffic towards a website for a particular set of keywords.  But one thing to understand, results CAN NOT be the same for all websites, it’s not possible. Why? Because everything depends on several elemetns, like speed, performance, content, website structure and more…

After keyword analysis, our SEO AI tool has suggested some improvements regarding content.


Well, because if you want to be targeted for some keywords, you need to have it inside content. You can’t promote a website for keywords that don’t exist on a website.

This is normal thing, our Vu Box SEO tool is researching through website looking for a specific keywords and keyphrases. And if he finds out that keyword saturation is missing, he is switching to different SEO mode and he is doing the work, creating proper saturation.

If you notice some spikes in report that means that bots are hitting your website, collecting necessary information for their need, so this will happen’ from time to time.

So, below are results from our client (screenshots from Google Analytics directly):

mobiletherapyservicesnepa.com -  Dunmore, Pennsylvania

So UJATCare’s SEO AI VuBox delivered consistently improved SERP results and did it for a fraction of the cost [$20 a month] in a fraction of the time it improved organic search results for our client.

We shared our story about the success of our VuBox clients. Join me for more news about artificial intelligence in SEO and other digital marketing tips by subscribing to our UJATCare YouTube channel.

And hey, if you can afford a 1-year SEO contract at $20 a month, then order your VuBox here for your existing business. Don’t wait any longer, be part of our GROWING UJATCare Network.

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Tips on how to Heal and Prevent Bed Sores

Bed sores are a painful skin disorder often experienced by older adults with mobility concerns, also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers. Most at risk are those who are in one position for a long time because they are exposed to constant pressure on one part of the body. Sores can develop very quickly on any part of the body.

What shows on the surface of the skin is only the tip of an iceberg and by the time it manifests itself on the outer layers of the skin, most probable is that the damage has already gone much deeper.

Pressure ulcers are potentially a serious medical condition and if not treated properly and timely can cause painful complications. More serious bed sores should get professional medical help while at an early stage they can be treated at home, but either way, it is crucial to get a proper diagnosis before any treatment.

Caregiver Tips on Caring for Bed Sores

  1. The most important thing to do first is to relieve the pressure points. Rotate the position of the person in need at least every 2 hours.
  2. Foam pads, lambswool, pillows or seat doughnuts are very useful to help spread pressure evenly.
  3. Use foam, air and gel mattress designed specifically to protect vulnerable skin.
  4. Use mild soaps and warm water to clean wounds properly in order to prevent infection. Use wound care products designed specifically to create moisture barrier for protecting oozing wounds to dress wounds. Change wound dressing as often as necessary.
  5. Dry skin is more prone to ulceration, especially in feet and legs, so it’s important to moisturize the skin consistently and gently.
  6. Include a barrier cream to the care routine of the person in need in order to protect the skin against excess moisture and irritation.
  7. As with everything, good nutrition is the key to healing speed as it boosts the immune system. Adequate protein intake will add to faster wound recovery.
  8. Colloidal silver, raw honey, pure Aloe Vera gel, and other self-made remedies are popular among caregivers but you should not rely solely on them.
  9. If pain persists, seek professional medical help. Pressure ulcers can eventually become life-threatening if not treated properly because they can cause permanent muscle and nerves damage.

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The Challenges of In-home Dementia Care for Providers Highlighted in the Latest Research

Older adults who live with dementia at home tend to be sicker and socially more challenging than their counterparts, as discovered in the latest research.

This implies that home care providers who have established themselves as dementia specialists will probably have a difficult task on their hands.

More than 5.7 million older adults living with Alzheimer’s disease and associated dementia are living in the United States. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, approximately one in three seniors passes away with some kind of dementia.

Despite the increasing number of older adults who want to age at home, the health and social features of the in-home dementia population are fairly unknown.

Team of researchers from the University of California San Francisco who conducted the study analyzed medical conditions of 728 adults over 65 years of age in three environments: their homes, residential care and nursing homes.

Researchers have generally discovered that older adults at home with moderately severe dementia had worse overall health, greater co-morbidity rates and dealing with more pain.

But according to the authors of this study, which appeared in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society on Aug. 7, 2019, results should not be taken as a call to move people with moderately severe dementia away from their homes rapidly.

“Rates of nursing home use are declining because they are expensive and people generally prefer the familiarity of home,” said first author Krista Harrison, PhD, of the UCSF Division of Geriatrics. “People with dementia benefit from consistent and predictable environments and caregivers. Nursing homes may offer more people to help with medical and social needs, but that might mean sharing a room with someone with different daily habits or distressing behavior symptoms.”

“Some people with dementia who live at home receive home-based primary, geriatric or palliative care, but many more likely do not. There is an urgent need for these services – as well as home health aides and other social supports — to become widely available to those families providing home care for loved ones with dementia.”

A growing number of home care providers in recent years have established specific service lines for the care of elderly dementia patients. Research team hopes that the study they conducted will assist these and other providers to move in the correct direction in order to guarantee quality care at home.

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7 Things I Thought I Would Be Good at When I Reached Age 60

age 60

Some things I have mastered. Mostly, things that I’ve done over and over, often with little attention. Things like driving a car. Or riding a bicycle. Or brewing a pot of coffee. No need for deep thought or remembering details… just do it and it somehow comes out well.

I can whip up a meal, bake a loaf of bread, iron a shirt, fold laundry, meet someone new, tell a joke, and comfort a baby pretty well. Not much thought, just lots of practice.

However, there are a few things that I expected to become good at that I have still not mastered, even into my sixth decade. I assumed I would become an expert in these areas, but so far, the results are minimal.

Shaving My Legs

One would think that since I started this little activity at around age 12 I would be really good at it by now, 54 years later. Not so. I have started carrying a razor in my car because I often see missed spots in the sunshine. How can one not master the art of smooth legs after so many practice opportunities?

Sigh. The handy razor solves my dilemma.

Ignoring Other’s Bad Behavior

I kind of thought that I would become more tolerant as I aged. Understanding and walking in others’ shoes and all that.

Actually, I am more tolerant. Having sons who have had to learn to stay sober, another son with Down syndrome, now having daughters-in-law and a son-in-law and knowing their stories… not to mention being married to a pastor (now retired, yeah!!!) and hearing all sorts of legitimate reasons to be hurt have broadened my scope of understanding.

But, there are still some actions that I can’t seem to ignore. I can (usually) refrain from commenting on it, but I still stew inside.

Not Caring What Others Think of Me

It still hurts my feelings if someone doesn’t like me. I have gotten over having big ears. I can wear my naturally grey hair very short with confidence, even though two of my children have nonchalantly told me they like me more with longer hair.

I can go into a room and hold my own. I can easily decide to skip an event or get myself invited, if I want to go. But, I still really want others to enjoy being around me. And I hate being taken advantage of… and I cannot not see that.

Singing Like I Did in High School

I was in the elite choir in high school and thoroughly enjoyed it all. We even went to Europe on a month-long tour the summer before my senior year.

I enjoyed the trip so much, I got kicked out of choir after our return, but, I managed to talk my way back into the good graces of the director and into the soprano section for one last semester.

Singing in a choir was something I thought I would eventually get back to. The contemporary church service I attended had a “worship band” and though at one time I wanted to be part of it, other people were more available and, frankly, better singers.

Community choirs did not fit with my schedule of having a bunch of kids who were in sports and other activities. So by the time I am now able to schedule in choir practice, I find my unused voice is in no shape for regular use. I am okay with this, but with a wee bit of sadness.

A Love of Gardening

I have friends who tell me that gardening is therapeutic, pulling weeds with a vengeance and all that. And that the feel of dirt in their hands is pleasant. And that they enjoy the act of gardening just as much as the results.

I believe all that is true for them. But I still hate weeding. Fortunately, my husband enjoys a bit of gardening, so I get to enjoy fresh greens and herbs, but I have given up trying to influence his choice of plants. I buy my bouquets at the grocery store.

Being Able to Dance Well

I wanted to dance well into my 80s. But, alas, I married a fine man who has many stellar qualities, but who just cannot – or will not? – learn to dance effortlessly. I grew up in Texas where the two-step was great fun if you had a good partner who could lead strongly.

When my husband and I tried ballroom dancing class once, rotating through the other dancing wannabes was not pleasant for either of us. And, frankly, my once-drummer husband’s counting beats in my ear was not inspiring. We have found other enjoyments.

Having Beautiful Handwriting

I have decided that a legible handwriting is acceptable.

All of this serves to say that who I have become is okay with me. Also, what I have opted to focus on has been mostly intentional, and if it wasn’t intentional, I now know why. I’m good with being good at what I’m good at. And with letting others find their own satisfactions.

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Top 5 Ways to Get Quality User Reviews

The ultimate goal of every business (OK, besides profits) is happy and satisfied clients.

Because having satisfied clients means you must be doing something right.

When clients are satisfied with a product or a service, they tend to talk and recommend it to their friends and family.

What speaks better about the quality of your work than positive user reviews? Right?

But how could you convince your new and potential clients that you really are as good as your existing clients say you are?

There are multiple solutions.

Website Form

You can add a form to your website that asks your satisfied clients to come back to your website once they already used your service and leave feedback.

Yeah, not complicated at all.

customer feedback form example

Image Source

Clients will surely come back and talk about how happy they are with your work. On their own.

Hm, but what if they don’t?

What if they are too lazy, or they just simply forget?

Not an issue. There are other options.

Video User Reviews Platforms

You can always use a platform that allows your clients to send you a video review of your work. Because talking in front of a camera is easier than writing an essay, right?

Yes, for sure, they will do that.

But what if they don’t?

Even worse, what if they do?

Image Source

What would you do with all those shaky, awkward, selfie videos of your clients?

While they are genuine and honest, are they really usable?

They are somewhere in a parking lot, dogs are barking, children screaming. The chaos!

Nobody will be able to hear what that magic is you do to make them love you so much.

OK, that is fixable.

Employee-managed Review Apps

Take control of where they will talk about you.

There are a lot of apps that let your employees grab videos of your clients.

That’s perfect, but your employees are always in a hurry, and they rush out the door forgetting to collect your clients’ thoughts.

That’s OK. They are only human, for crying out loud!

Professional Video Agency

Maybe you can hire a professional video production agency, for quite a number of zeros after that dollar sign.

Wow, your reputation will soar with all those staged, commercial-like testimonial videos.

Totally genuine. Everyone will believe them and come running to get your service.


Yeah, well, we said there are a lot of options. Not that all of them are great.

But there just might be something that can solve all those problems for you.

EndorseMe App

It’s called EndorseMe, and it literally solves every problem mentioned above.



It is an app created by UJAT Care and it’s one of a kind because it lets your employees take the initiative when grabbing testimonials.

No more waiting for clients to remember. You can now get a freshly brewed testimonial directly from the job site.

But you might say: What is special about that? What if my employees forget? We had this talk already, didn’t we?

Yes, but it gets better.

The special ingredient of EndorseMe is not allowing your employees to forget. It will remind them about it each time they arrive at your clients’ location.

Problem solved.

But wait, can it get even better?

Oh yeah, it can.

Image Source

You get to manage and decide about everything.

  • Whether you want video, audio, or photo user reviews.
  • Whether you want to share it directly to your website and social media through the app, or you want to manage it on your own and share when you’re ready.
  • You even get an option to get a professional video production minus the complex and long process.
  • And more importantly, minus all those zeros!

So what is the conclusion here?

EndorseMe is so smart and so pretty, and OK, we’ll admit, we’re in love with it.

But don’t take our word for it.

The best way to be sure is to try it for yourself.

Let us know, what is your preferred method for collecting feedback from clients?


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So You Just Lost Your Job After 50? Here Are 10 Ways to Move Forward


In the classic movie American Beauty, Lester explains to his daughter that he didn’t “lose” his job. He explains that if this were true, he could have found it again. If this were the case for all of us who’ve experienced losing a job, we wouldn’t be a square peg and would have little need to read ahead.

Sadly, it isn’t the case and as such, we ask ourselves, “What do I do now?”

When faced with this stark reality, it becomes apparent to us that what we didn’t do after experiencing a job loss was as impactful as what we did. Below are some suggested don’ts and must-dos for you to consider.

Make a Plan

When we feel out of control in our lives, we seek order as familiarity. We once knew a woman who, when she felt stressed, ran out and bought a new day planner so that she could re-input her schedule, contacts and task lists. This made her feel like she had a personal order to the chaos that raised her stress and anxiety.

Today that would be akin to buying a new cell phone each time stress arises, which is not highly recommended. Instead, plan for week one, which will serve as your template for the weeks ahead of you. Having a plan will preserve the order of your day, schedule and efforts toward searching for work. Without a plan, your search will take longer.

Take a Step Backward

Taking a step backward is perhaps one of the most important things you can do when starting your job search. Don’t just start aimlessly acting out of panic and fear. Now is the time to consider your highest and best use. What does that mean? It’s a land economics term that applies to our career formula.

A person’s highest and best use is the confluence of their skill sets and their passions with a vehicle by which to utilize them. Simply put: identify what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about in life and what industries, verticals, companies, fields, and sectors might offer a position to marry those. This is often something people neglect to consider, instead jumping right into the hunt immediately upon being laid off.

Don’t Consider This Time as a Vacation

It’s definitely not vacation time. Whether you received a handsome severance or an empty bankers box, the reality is that no income is coming your way tomorrow, but your bills are. At most, take a week to regroup before you come out swinging.

Take Stock of Your Emotional State

Hopefully not, but it may be the case that being unemployed may cause you to suffer some form of depression. If so, please consider seeking professional help. Lack of motivation, inescapable sadness and feelings of hopelessness may be signs that you’re going there. Please don’t ignore them or hide them from loved ones. You’ll need all the support you can get.

The SquarePeg Community was created for this express purpose. We felt alone, misunderstood and without support from fellow Boomers suffering what we were. Few seemed to “get us” and what we were going through. These feelings are not unusual, but if they persist, seek the help of a professional. Surround yourself with positive people who understand what you’re feeling. Not everyone will.

Commit to Your Job Search

Finding real work is a full-time job. There is nothing easy or formulaic about it. It’s hard work and requires focus and commitment. Outline your assets and resources that will help you with the search, how much time you’ll spend daily and what measurable progress you should expect.

How many hours should you spend daily and how many days a week? There is no right answer. Treat your search as you would any workweek and accomplish the tasks ahead of you. Work smart and hard, giving yourself applause for anything you do that moves you closer to “passing go.”

Share Your Story with Everyone

That’s right, share with everyone. We heard of a friend who received a plum job opportunity from a person who he had fired at a previous company!

The point is that we never know where the next great opportunity will come from. Be fearless about sharing your humanity and let others give to you what they can to help your cause. Some will surprise you with their indifference, while others will seek to repay your past kindnesses. None of this will occur if you don’t share with others readily and candidly.

Network Everywhere

We learned that networking occurs at a local ball field, a holiday party, a car wash and the grocery store. Most everyone we know has a job, works for a company, knows someone who owns a company or perhaps even runs one. Share your story, be unafraid to ask for help and let others offer. It may be as uncomfortable for you as it was for us, but it’s powerful.

Refresh Your Resume

This relic known as your resume last saw the light of day when the first Bush was President. Although in the age of social media a resume may seem passé, try applying online or in person without one. Not a great writer or uncomfortable advertising for your personal brand? SquarePeg offers a resume refresh tool for a fraction of what market pricing is today. Check it out in the Tools section of our site.

Become a LinkedIn Member

The price of LinkedIn is right. Basic membership is free. It is the single most often used tool by recruiters and employers to search, vet and contact potential job candidates. The key is in having a powerful and unique profile. Much like Google search, LinkedIn uses an algorithm that searches keywords within your profile and matches them with similar keywords in a job opportunity posting.

Take the time to carefully craft your profile. Should you have concerns about doing this right, SquarePeg offers a LinkedIn profile critique tool, again for way less than market price. Learn about how this can help you in the Tools section of our site.

Research Your Network

You know more people than you think. Maximize your contact with them by “going to school on each.” It used to be about who you know. Now, thanks to social media, it’s what you know about who you know.

Everyone is an asset if you approach him or her effectively. Don’t filter out anyone until first approaching them; think of each as another hunter for your game. You simply never know who’ll come through for you.

Remember to stay motivated, fight fear, share with others who “get it” and to use your assets and resources. Maybe you won’t find the job you’ve lost: You may just find a better one.

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Happy Older Americans Month! Apply for a $1,500 Road Scholar Scholarship by June 30th


Road Scholar Shines the Spotlight on the Contributions of Older Adults
to Society

Each May, the contributions of older Americans take center stage as communities across the
country celebrate Older Americans Month. The theme this year is Connect, Create, and Contribute, encouraging older adults and
their communities to connect with friends and family, create activities that
promote learning, health, and personal enrichment, and contribute time, talent
and life-experience to benefit others.

Road Scholar, the world’s largest not-for-profit educational travel organization, has created learning
adventures for older adults for more than 40 years; in fact, the average age of
a returning participant is 72 years old, and a significant number of those are

While 72 might seem old to some, here are a few 72-year-old (and older) men and women who are
changing the world and challenging the notion of what it means to grow older:

  • Tao Porchon-Lynch, 99, world’s oldest yoga teacher
  • Glenn Close, 72, actress and first time Oscar Winner in 2018
  • Joe Biden, 76, former vice-president, and newly announced
    presidential candidate

Not quite as famous but equally impressive is 99-year-old Road Scholar participant Seymour
Siegel. Seymour recently attended a Road Scholar program in Winter Park,
Florida with his companion, Laura. Now retired, he enjoyed an impressive career
as the former Executive Director of the Jewish Family & Children Service of
Southern New Jersey, and the author of an
Orphan in New York City

“Road Scholar was founded on the premise that older adults like Mr. Siegel are vital,
integral members of our communities who continue to push the limits of what it
means to grow older in a youth-obsessed culture,” said James Moses, President
and CEO of Road Scholar. “During my 40-year tenure at Road Scholar, I’ve
witnessed the extraordinary capabilities of older Americans who remain engaged,
active members of society. Road Scholar participants know that stimulation,
friendship and camaraderie, and regular exercise, are the tenets of a healthy
older age, and they experience all three on our learning adventures around the

A recent survey confirms that Road Scholars attribute their mental tenacity and physical health
to being active, learning new things, staying connected with friends and
family, and traveling. As 65 million baby boomers reach their 70s and 80s,
expect to see more and more ordinary older Americans doing extraordinary

Americans Are Facing… and Smashing Age-Related Challenges

There are, of course, some challenges with growing older; for example, how to ensure financial stability as one nears
retirement age, as well as the prospect of having to care for ailing parents
and loved ones.

Several years ago, Road Scholar began offering financial assistance for low income adults 50+ who would otherwise not be able
to participate in a learning adventure. In addition, it has expanded its
financial aid to include caregiver grants and awards specifically for

Mary Jo Silva of Burlington, Kentucky was awarded a Road Scholar Caregiver Grant and used it to enroll in a hiking
program at Rocky Mountain National Park. She wanted to get into shape and also
push herself outside of her comfort zone.

“Respite is one word for the trip, but it was also an adventure… I wanted to make a commitment to myself to
get into shape. I look better and feel better because of it. It was a real
confidence builder. This trip was just the right mix of personal challenge and
personal indulgence. I learned a lot about taking care of myself while on the
trails and at high altitudes. The guides were great in celebrating with us as
we reached our personal bests. Thank you kindly to those who made this trip
possible. It is wonderful to see a company recognize the need of the caregiver

Calling All Educators, Caregivers and low-income Adults

This year, Road Scholar is searching for 100 educators, caregivers and low-income adults who wish to experience an
educational learning experience. The organization will award 100 scholarships
worth $1,500 between now and June 30th. All unclaimed awards will go
unused. To apply, please visit the website at: www.roadscholar.org/financialaid.

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6 Ways that Having a Pet Can Improve Your Life After 60

I’m a cat person. I’ve always had a cat and can’t image my home without one. My cat isn’t my pet, it’s a member of my family. I love coming home and having my boy run up to greet me, rubbing against my legs and looking up at me with his big wide eyes that say he missed me. No matter how difficult my day has been, I forget it all about it when I see his eager face.

And I’m not unique with how I feel. The majority of people with pets feel a close bond with them, like they are their children. We do tend to treat our “children” extremely well, often to the point of beyond spoiled. We pamper them, give in to their every whim and worry about them if we’ll be home late past their feed time. Our pets live in loving homes, coddled and cared for.

The benefits to our pets are obvious. But what about the benefits to us, especially as we age? Should we have a pet as we get older, especially if we are living alone?

The 6 reasons why having a pet improves our lives include:

Pets Help Reduce Feelings of Isolation and Loneliness

Animals provide us with a sense of being wanted and needed. We feel we are not alone when we are with them. Pets give us someone to talk to, especially when we are sad or stressed. We tell our pets things we wouldn’t tell anyone else. They provide us with feelings of trust and security that are often hard to find from others.

People with Pets Tend to Live Longer

Research shows overwhelming benefits to both our mental and physical health from having pets. For example, this study found that owning a cat may reduce your chances of having a heart attack by one-third! Having a pet encourages us to stay healthy so we are there for them.

Pet owners tend to visit their doctor regularly, take less medicine and recover quicker from illnesses.

This has the potential to reduce health care costs considerably.

Pets Provide Stress Relief

Our physical contact with our pets is calming. Animals seem to sense our moods and provide comfort exactly when we need it. They help us manage stress by lowering our blood pressure and pulse rate from the hugging and stroking.

Hugging provides our bodies with oxytocin, a stress-reducing hormone that lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

And stroking an animal boosts our serotonin and dopamine levels, which also helps lower our blood pressure and heart rate.

Pets Give Us a Sense of Purpose

Animals help people, especially seniors, to focus on something other than their physical problems and any negativity about aging. Pets provide us with a daily routine, giving us something to nurture and care for. And this give our days structure and activities to do each day with feedings at set times, walks, brushings and playtimes. This helps give meaning to our days and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Pets Improve Our Mental Health

Interacting with our pets them brightens up our lives. They give us something to look forward to, an easy means of entertainment as well as joy, happiness, and a sense of responsibility. All of this and the fact that we are able to care for them, as well as care for ourselves, helps us build our self-esteem and self-confidence.

Pets Reduce Depression by Providing Us with Unconditional Love

Many people prefer pets to friends, as we can be more open and honest with our pets since we don’t fear any repercussions or consequences flowing from our behavior. In addition to love, pets make us feel needed and wanted. They distract us from our daily challenges, putting us into a different reality, which reduces the depression from the tension and stress of our daily lives.

It turns out that the benefits of having a pet are very positive for us as well as for our pets. With condos and apartments, not to mention the many retirement homes that are adopting a pet-friendly policy, there is no reason by we call can’t benefit from sharing our lives with a pet.

And for those that are unsure if a pet would work in your lives, you can always contact your local SPCA and inquire about short-term foster care. This will give you the experience of having a pet, as well as providing a much needed community service to those unfortunate pets that desperately need a loving home as they patiently wait for their “forever home.”

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What we offer

  • Wound Care
  • Care of chronic diseases & Education
  • Cardiac Care
  • Pulmonary Care
  • Orthopedic Care
  • Brain Injury/Stroke Care
  • Medication management
  • Post surgical management
  • Diabetes management
  • Pain management
  • Dementia & Alzheimer
  • Assessment of blood pressure, pulse, respirations, lung sounds, blood glucose or pulse oximetry, as ordered by your doctors
  • Home Health Aide/Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Homemaker
  • Medication Reminder
  • Medical Escort
  • Companions
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Fall Prevention
  • Medical Social Worker Services

NewVision understands that navigating our healthcare system is complex for clients and families alike. That is why we also offer a comprehensive care management program that is strictly run by our advanced level nurses who are well-versed in the complexities of the healthcare system. Our approach is team-based and patient-centered, it is designed to make healthcare simple.  Services include but not limited:

  • Assess and develop individualized plan of care
  • Implementation of a comprehensive plan of care
  • Conduct ongoing assessments to monitor and implement changes in care
  • Oversee and direct care provided at home
  • Medication management and treatment plan review
  • Assist with advance directive
  • Find appropriate solutions to avoid a crisis
  • Coordinate medical appointments and medical information
  • Provide transportation to medical appointments
  • Assist families in positive decision making
  • Develop long range plans for future needs
As clients transfer from acute and/or post acute care settings back into the communities, the process can be fragmented and as a result this can be detrimental to clients with complex care needs. Transitional care is there to prevent the care gap that exist between the “handoffs” from the hospital to the outpatient care teams. Our well trained and experienced advanced level nurses and nurse practitioners will connect the pieces from the acute and/or post acute care settings accurately. Our goal is to safely link clients back into the communities in a safe manner through coordination with inpatient, outpatient care teams along with family members. Our comprehensive plan of care is design to prevent unnecessary readmissions.

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