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Discover a unique approach to wellness with our primary care that seamlessly integrates behavioral health services. Join us to experience comprehensive care that promotes well-being, ensures safety, preserves dignity, and reduces the stigma of mental illness.

"Our Only Priority is Your Care"

Image of reception area at NewVision Healthcare Group. The image contains a blue waiting room chair, the reception area and a white orchid in a neutral pot on a table next to the waiting room chair used for patients awaiting primary care or behavioral health services.

We offer Primary Care and Behavioral Health Services in the Randolph, MA area and surrounding communities 

They include:  

  • Adult Primary Care
  • Mental Health: Medication Management/Psychotherapy
  • Home Medical Visits
  • Chronic Care Management 

Our Team

Image of Nadia Valentin, family nurse practitioner from NewVision Healthcare Group. She is a Black woman with short, close-cropped natural hair. He is wearing dark rimmed, square glasses, a dark jacket over a light blue top.


As a board-certified family nurse practitioner, Dr. Nadia M. Valentin, NP, APRN, FNP-BC, practices primary care and psychiatry, boasting over two decades of hands-on clinical experience. She launched her nurse practitioner journey in Boston Community Medical Group, where she dedicated her skills to primary care and care management for those with physical and intellectual disabilities. This foundation has deeply rooted her expertise in comprehensive and preventative patient care.

She pursued her education with vigor, earning her credentials from esteemed institutions like Regis College and obtaining a doctorate from Quinnipiac University. Though she has ventured into hospitalist medicine and chronic pain management, her heart has always been in primary care, ensuring her approach remains evidence-based, culturally sensitive, and focused on addressing root causes.

But it’s not just her professional journey that makes Dr. Valentin stand out. She’s a child of God, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and, above all, a dedicated medical provider. Her passion shines through her work, which is why she was honored with the 2023 Marie Feltin Award, celebrating her commitment to care, reminiscent of Dr. Marie Feltin’s advocacy for the disabled and chronically ill.

Dr. Valentin firmly believes in the possibility of wellness for everyone, no matter the hurdles. With her leading NewVision Healthcare, you’re not just getting medical service; you’re getting a partner who’ll journey with you towards health.

Eager for a healthcare experience that’s rooted in expertise and compassion? Call now and schedule your appointment with Dr. Valentin. Let’s prioritize your wellness together.

Image of Carine Luxama, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner from NewVision Healthcare Group. She is a Black woman with wavy, black hair. He is wearing a dark blue top.


Carine Luxama, PMHNP-BC, ANP-BC, MS, RN stands out as a distinguished psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, dedicating herself to urban communities since 2002. Beginning her journey at Charles River Inc, she honed her psychiatric skills with an advanced study in psych mental health nursing, responding to the vital need for adept mental health professionals, particularly in the neurodevelopmental and neurodiverse sectors.

With over 15 years under her belt, Carine’s role as a mental health clinician is unparalleled. Her depth of expertise covers the HIV/AIDS community, and individuals with physical and neurodevelopmental disabilities. In diverse settings, her proficiency encompasses thorough assessments, adept psychopharmacology, and timely crisis stabilization for those grappling with dual diagnosis and grave mental health challenges.

Beyond clinical service, she’s a beacon in education. Carine has mentored BSN students at the Simmons Dotson Bridge and Mentoring Program and illuminated minds in psychiatric nursing at the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health professions. Further, she’s been pivotal at Springfield College in Charlestown, MA, teaching psychopharmacology.

Originating from Haiti, Carine channels her expertise to uplift non-profits, focusing on mental health training and nursing education back home. Today, she’s sculpting the future of nursing at the UMass Boston Accelerated BSN Program and pursuing a Ph.D., zeroing in on population health and health policy.

Are you in pursuit of a blend of profound expertise and heartfelt compassion in psychiatric care? Dive into a transformative mental health journey with Carine Luxama. Reach out now and let’s embark on a path to holistic well-being together.


This is an image of Nadine Cherenfant-Colas, licensed mental health counselor from NewVision Healthcare Group. She is a Black woman with shoulder length wavy, dark brown hair. She is wearing a turquoise jacket over a grey blouse and a silver necklace.


Nadine Cherenfant-Colas, LMHC is a down-to-earth, licensed mental health counselor with a passion for helping others. Having graduated from Lesley University, she brings a wealth of knowledge coupled with a kind-hearted approach that instantly puts clients at ease.

Nadine’s experience spans a range of clinical settings. Whether it’s community health centers, residential treatment programs, or substance use initiatives, she’s been there, offering a helping hand. Her specialty areas are as varied as her experiences. From navigating the challenges of anxiety and depression to understanding grief/loss, and from managing PTSD to the everyday challenges tied to parenting—she’s got you covered.

What really stands out about Nadine is the way she connects with her clients. She believes in collaboration, listening, and understanding your unique story. With a toolbox full of treatment strategies—from motivational interviewing to cognitive behavioral therapy and even a touch of psychoanalysis—she tailors her approach to fit your needs, always focused on helping you move towards your goals.

Above all, Nadine’s approach is friendly, supportive, and rooted in genuine care. Seeking a mental health counselor who feels more like a trusted friend? Someone who’ll work side-by-side with you on your wellness journey? Then it’s time to connect with Nadine Cherenfant-Cola. Reach out and start your journey towards better mental well-being today.