• It is a privilege and an honor to serve you! NewVision Healthcare group is a complex care medical practice dedicated to providing primary care, psychiatry/behavioral, chronic pain management, and complex chronic care management to the community. We are here to help re-establish wellness, maintain safety, preserve dignity, and promote independence. Our current healthcare system can be fragmented, but your health doesn’t have to be!

  • Good health care should not be a privilege; it is a right! Together, we will unmask the stigma of mental health, disabilities, and chronic illnesses.

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    Our Belief

    Wellness is a concept that is unique to every individual, NewVision Healthcare Group believes that it is achievable to all, regardless of the condition or illness. Prepare to experience wellness at its best!

    Experience and Professionalism

    Our care team is experienced in their respective fields. We work collaboratively with you and your loved ones, providing you with care that is integrative, comprehensive, evidence-based, and patient centered. We are determined to bridge the care gap in our communities.

    Providers Who Care

    We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and bring you the highest standard of care with the best possible outcome. Your care is our only priority! 


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